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English corner

As you can see, Expocultur is a print publication written in Spanish (so as this website/blog). Nevertheless, we invite you to take a look at our English Corner and get to know us a little bit more.

Here you can find the basic info about our magazine, our team, our options for advertisers… Who knows, maybe you can even find an interesting tool to practice those Spanish lessons you just started!

Of course, if you need anything else, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

Read on and enjoy!

The Magazine: Expocultur – Travel & Culture

Traveling is not just moving from one place to another, traveling is not just visiting a new place or returning to an already known destination… traveling is to absorb, to grasp, to taste, to breathe, to see, to feel, to enjoy, to go, to explore, to experiment, to engulf, to require, to bind, to cross, to test, to zoom in, to inquire, to enter, to touch, to request, to dig, to question, to remove, to discover, to watch… ¡Traveling is a positive attitude!

Traveling is breaking down the culture of each destination, allowing yourself to be amazed by the peculiarities of each place, by its manifestations –from the most popular to the avant-garde. Open your mind and soul, set aside any prejudice, and feel and enjoy the different ways of seeing the world.

Expocultur is a bimonthly publication that seeks that its readers can travel on paper – which is our universe – and in the world – which is our food. That seeks that its readers can discover the most intimate aspects of each portrayed culture throughout the pages of the magazine. That it seeks that its readers can get soaked by every sensation, by every experience, and at the end of each story are able to feel how close we are from each other.

Through a high quality editorial product we communicate with a select audience that is looking for seriousness and effectiveness in our publication, and demands a direct, open, deep, innovative, dynamic… dialogue with the most relevant aspects of culture, art, gastronomy, hospitality… we talk to a true traveler. Therefore Expocultur is conceived as an open window to the world in all of its scope, tourism in all of its thrust, and culture in all of its wonderful diversity.

To know more about our contents, please visit this page.

Our Team

Our professional team, with over thirty years of experience and a diverse network of partners, has been counting with the support and confidence of the most relevant companies and agencies of our industry in order to develop this project and really transfer to the pages the whole essence of travel –as it is understand here– and the experience of living culture up close.


Precisely because our readers recognize the high quality of Expocultur, our publication is an excellent ally for any type of promotion strategy. For more information (rate sheet, profile, etc.) click here.

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